1. Can I try ZenTao Software for free?

We supply open source version and premium versions. The open source version can be used for free forever. For premium version we offer a 30-day free trial. We can also extend the trial according to your reasonable request.

2. What's the difference between ZenTao open source, ZenTao Pro and ZenTao Enterprise?

The differences between ZenTao Pro and ZenTao open source are about features and services.


Not only does ZenTao Pro have all the features of the open source version, but also it has more enhanced features, such as Kanban, work logs, reports, repository, file import, and export etc., which can provide more robust support through the project and development. More details of enhanced features can be found in Chapter 3 Introduction of features.


ZenTao technical support team provide Pro users with a perfect aftersales service, including installation and upgrade, data migration, and consulting, so to ensure Pro users a great user experience. Please refer to //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaoprohelp/128.html for comparisons between open source version and professional version.

VS ZenTao Open Source ZenTao Professional ZenTao Enterprise
Feature Features In ZenTao Open Source
Gantt Chart
Mobile App
GIT/SVN Integration
LDAP User Integration
SMS/Email Notification
CustomIized Report
Statistical Chart Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Work Log
Excel Import And Export
Word Export
DevOps Management
Feedback Managemen
Attendance And CRM
Doc Management
IM Tool Integration
Non-Developer users
Service Manual
Whatsapp/Skype Group chat
Video Tutorial
Remote Support
Telephone Online
Data Migration
1-on-1 support
Customization Original Price Discount Discount
Online Training Original Price Discount Discount

Developer users and Feedback users

ZenTao Enterprise has different interfaces for developer users and feedback users. Developer users can use all features of ZenTao open source+Pro+Enterprise. They are usually from Dev teams, such as product developers and testers.

Feedback users cannot use features of open source and Pro. They can only use the enhanced features in Enterprise, such as feedback, DevOps management, and OA. They usually do not take part in the software development, but they can use ZenTao Enterprise to work with developer users and to manage routine work. They can be customers service, marketing, sales and DevOps staff.

3. How are all versions of the ZenTao priced?

ZenTao Enterprise Price

ZenTao Professional and Enterprise pricing are calculated per user.

Zentao Self-Host
Version Pricing
Open source Free
ZenTao Pro 1-10 users 11-200 users Unlimited users
$24.9 $59.9 $14900
flat fee per user flat fee
ZenTao Enterprise 1-10 users 11-200 users Unlimited users
$29.9 $69.9 $19900
flat fee per user flat fee

Flat fee:One-time Payment & Free Upgrade for lifetime

ZenTao Cloud
Version Mini Basic Standard Advanced Ultimate
Up to 5 users Up to 10 users Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users
Open Source None
ZenTao Pro 3 project 5 project 10 project unlimited none
200M space 1G space 10G space 20G space
once per day backup once per day backup once per day backup once per day backup
Max.1M file Max.5M file Max.10M file Max.20M file
$1/month, $10/year $9.9/month, $99/year $19.9/month, $199/year $26.9/month, $269/year
ZenTao Enterprise 3 project 5 project 10 project unlimited unlimited
200M space 1G space 10G space 20G space 50G space
once per day backup once per day backup once per day backup once per day backup once per day backup
Max.1M file Max.5M file Max.10M file Max.20M file Max.20M file
$2.99/month, $29.9/year $11.9/month, $119/year $21.9/month, $219/year $28.9/month, $289/year $42.9/month, $429/year

4. How to configure ZenTao via LAN?

First, check whether you can access ZenTao via your client. If yes, ZenTao has been installed in your client without problems.

Then, access ZenTao via your server, and change to the actual server IP in your browser. Use other client to access ZenTao. If not accessible, check firewall and connection.

5. What to do if Apachezt installation failed?

First, Uninstall at the upper left of ZenTao panel to exit. Then, right click start.bat to run as admin. Click Launch. If Zentao is not started, try xampp/services/install.bat and right click it.

6. Is ioncube installation required in ZenTao?

Ioncube is not required if you use ZenTao open source version. However, ioncube has to be installed if you use paid plugin in ZenTao.

7. How to restore backup in ZenTao?

First, find back up file named as file***.zip. Unzip it to zentao/www/data/upload/.sql***.zip is the sql file the database executes, which has to be imported to another empty database.

8. How to be directed to login page once login ZenTao?

Use Apache virtual host, or copy Apache directory to zentao/www/

9. How to launch ZenTao automatically after power-on?

One-click installation package for Windows. If you use Windows XP/2003, click Service->Check Service at the upper left of ZenTao panel, and set Launch Type of apachezt and mysqlzt to Auto. If you use Windows 2008/7+, please right click Zentao.exe as admin, and it will set as auto launch. If you use Linux or you customize ZenTao, please configure settings in system boot.

10. How to run two sets of ZenTao in one client?

Two sets of ZenTao can share one set of apache and mysql. For one-click installation on Windows, you can store source code to xampp/htdocs/, and then use browse to access to IP: Port/zentaopms/www/ to install.

11. How to initialize ZenTao database?

Set install value in zentao/config/my.php to false. When access to ZenTao, it will automatically start installation and all date will be cleared.

12. Why ZenTao is getting slow once upgraded?

The reason might be the client did not analyze localhost before you use it to link database. This might slow down the link to database. You can change localhost to in zentao/config/my.php

13. Would upgrading affect using paid plug-ins?

You can upgrade ZenTao to the latest version. You can refer to //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaomanual/upgradezentao-18.html Backup before upgrade. If Zentao is upgraded to the latest version, plug-ins have to be upgraded to compatible version. Login www.zentao.net and go to “User Center”->”Paid Plug-ins”->”Upgrade”. Upload .zip to install plug-ins by clicking “Admin”->”Extension”->”Local Instal”. You don’t have to uninstall plug-ins installed before.

14. Why ZenTao cannot be accessed and is blank?

If you can use ZenTao before it suddenly goes blank, the reason might be that your client is not shutdown properly, which has caused the inconsistency of database files and then the database cannot be accessed.

Check and fix mysql data sheet by using phpmyadmin or executing zentao/bin/checkdb.php

15. What is the difference between builds in Project and in Testing?

Project->Build is created by developers to mark the code and will be submitted to testing team. Testing->Build is testing task and testing team will use it to test cases.

16. What is the difference between the story and the bug that is linked to builds and releases?


Story: project related (finished/canceled stories will be selected by default)

Bug: projected related and active bug (fixed bugs will be selected by default)


Story: both project and build linked (finished/canceled stories will be selected by default)

Bug: from the beginning of a build linked project to the currently fixed bug (fixed bugs will be selected by default)

17. How to change comments?

There are three prerequisites, 1) Permission to modify comments (Go to Company->Privielge to manage it); 2) The note is added by you; 3) Only the latest note can be modified.

18.What is the relation between a product story and a project story?

Stories in Zentao are all product related. Project stories is part of a product story, which have to done with the project.

19.Can I bind a domain to access ZenTao?

Yes, you can configure Apache virtual host to use domain. Please refer to //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaomanual/102.html

20. How to find out what plug-ins installed in ZenTao?

Go to “Admin”->”Extension”->”Installed”. If you cannot find the plug-in in the list, it does not necessarily meant that the plug-in is not installed. It could be unfinished installation or its code is overridden.

21.How to install ZenTao plug-in?

Go to “Admin”->”Extension”->”Local Install”, and upload .zip file to install.

If ZenTao is customized and paid plug-in is installed, you have to install ioncube, please refer to //www.zentao.pm/book/zentaopromanual/135.html

Please note

1) A plug-in can be only installed once. If you installed it more than once, it could cause data conflict. Plug-in trial is 30 days, starting from the day it is downloaded.

2) You have to use the account you download trial to purchase the plug-in, or it might clear the existing data.

22. Why Apache does not run with one-click installation package for Windows?

1) One-click installation package has to be deploy in root directory of certain hard disk partition, e.g. c:\xampp

2) If Apache is not started but Mysql is, and a notice showed as “The system cannot execute the specified program”, you will have to install vcredist_x86.exe http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5582

23.What is the default admin and its password for Windows one-click installation package?

ZenTao account by default is admin and its password is 123456. Database account by default is root and the password in blank.