About ZenTao Enterprise

2018-05-21 14:43:39
Final Edition:tengfei De 2019-08-02 09:21:13

1. Introduction

In order to support processes besides development, ZenTao Enterprise has been created. ZenTao Enterprise has all the features of ZenTao open source, and, on top of that, it has DevOps management, Office Automation, Feedback Management and file version management, etc. It is capable of supporting management and processes within your team.

2. Why is ZenTao Enterprise created?

ZenTao open source and ZenTao Pro are solutions for software development management and application lifecycle management( ALM). They are both professional Scrum tool and have been accepted by a lot of users. As the number of ZenTao users are growing, we have collected questions from users regarding routine work and workflow. They also mentioned that ZenTao could integrate frequently used features of daily workflow and provide them with a simpler, more affordable and efficient all-in-one solution.

After talking to many users about the features they would like to see in ZenTao, we added features that are highly attended, including DevOps management, office automation, feedback management, and document management. We sincerely hope that ZenTao Enterprise can support enterprises in project management and processes more comprehensively.

3. The positioning of ZenTao Enterprise

Users might have concerns over the maintenance of ZenTao open source and Pro. Actually, they don't have to. In terms of features, ZenTao Enterprise is to extend project management horizontally. Those newly added features, such as OA, Feedback, and DevOps, do not fall in the realm of software development management. For features that are relevant to software development, we will continue updating ZenTao open source and Pro.

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