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ZenTao: the perfect ALM tool

Compared with other tools, ZenTao is the most cost-effective project management tool which empowers your team to meet deadlines.

  • Jira

    Unlike Jira, you could directly use built-in features in ZenTao without paying for plug-ins, including Document Management, Gantt Charts, Effort Management and SVN/GIT repositories.

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  • Microsoft Project

    Unlike Microsoft Project, you could customize user interface, have Source Code Management, Document Management, Bug Tracking, Cross-project Visibility, and Version Control.

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  • Smartsheet

    Unlike Smartsheet, ZenTao can be used for more than listing out tasks, such as Kanban, Timeline View, Task Dependencies, Milestone Tracking, Assignment Tracking, and Bug Tracking.

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  • Asana

    Unlike Asana, ZenTao supports Source Code Management, Recurring Tasks, Cross-project Visibility, Version Control, Test Case Management, Lifecycle Management, and Document Management.

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