ZenTao 7.0 stable version released!

2015-02-06 11:14:00

ZenTao 7.0 stable version released! Since 7.0 the license of ZenTao changed from LGPL to ZPL( http://zpl.pub)


  • the type field required for case batch create page.
  • When create a new sprint, don't display the closed products.
  • Remove deleted stories on zero case stories page.
  • Remove the code prefix in the drop down menu of products and sprints.
  • When edit a release, show the name of it's related build.
  • When install or upgrade, the user must confirm the new license.
  • Add batch delete cases feature.

Fix bugs

  • Linked stories and bugs miss after edit a release.
  • Error occers when create bug from a result.
  • The module info misses when I keep add tasks for the same story.
  • Blank page when search users by join date field.
  • Shouldn't use modal window when add a group.
  • Blank page when I try to order the cases by title in build's cases page.


Source code: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/7.0/ZenTaoPMS.7.0.stable.zip/download
WIndows stack: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/7.0/ZenTaoPMS.7.0.stable.exe/download
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