ZenTao 10.6.stable is released!

2018-11-22 13:50:00

ZenTao 10.6.stable is released! This release is to adjust the backup mechanism, to optimize the backend, and to fix bugs.

Installation and Upgrade Manual

Change Log


5066 Develop a tool to check the Database consistency.

5099 Upgrade Adminer built-in one-click installation package.

5136 Ubuntu16.0 zbox can't parse DNS. [BUG#2259]

5056 Add Priority and Estimate fields to Story Review page.

5058 Add ID to cased imported from the case lib.

5060 Adjust the UI of the drop-down of Batch actions on List page.

5063 Optimize the Doc detail page.

5065 Remove Closed ID from the AssignTo list when resolving a bug.

5068 Change the mouse to a pointer with hand shape on table list page.

5072 Adjust the alignment of case steps.

5074 Optimize the UI of uploading images.

5076 Optimize the module group on the left column of the Custom page.

5078 Review the group settings of menus.

5080 Optimize the copywriting of Product reports.

5082 Adjust the mechanism of Backup.

5084 Adjust the menu in Project.

5086 Identify stories with tasks when batch creating a task.

5088 Highlight the prompt after saving a form.

5090 Display the group name when management privileges.

5092 Click ID, then enter the details page.

5096 Add Title to the task list on My Dashboard.

5102 Add spaces in front of Company on Top Menu.

5104 Edit a task and change it to a child task of another task.

5106 Add a Quick Entry to Create on details pages.

5108 Add a Quick Entry to Overview on details pages.

5110 Edit Linked Doc Lib for created docs and doc libs.

5112 Optimize the copy of privilege list.

5114 Lines of the box at the bottom of the tab are not connected.

5116 Add a Link in Module Product and selected Projects in Report.

5141 Add AIUX logo.


5118 Invalid custom fields when editing/creating.

5120 Case steps by group.

5122 Error links in Roadmap of Product Overview.

5124 Test Task. No comment for lists on linked cases page.

5126 Create build in Test Task. Click Save and error prompts.

5128 Privilege issues in Import/Export Menu.

5130 Popout window issue in Test Task Overview.

5132 Wrong logic in displaying Postponed Task.

5134 Optimize the line between of Kanban.

5137 Style of Batch Create Task.

5140 Checkbox is not displayed in Task List for limited users.

5142 Edit Multiple task, then all the cost hours will be cleared.


Source Code Package


One-Click Package with Integrated Runtime

It is for the first-time installation ONLY. Do NOT download it to upgrade ZenTao .

    • Windows 64 bit one-click installation



    • Windows 32 bit one-click installation



    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)



    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.



    • Linux 32 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.



    • DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian



    • RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos



If you have any questions, leave us a post at the forum. If you would like to get a free trial for more users, contact Renee@cnezsoft. com for help.

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