ZenTao 9.0.1 has been released!

2017-02-16 16:13:00
Résumé:ZenTao is the most professional open source and free project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.

ZenTao 9.0.1 has been released! This release is mainly to fix bugs and security vulnerability. Thank sobug for security testing on ZenTao and offering suggestions. Their book about security architecture, 《代码审计》is recommended.

Amendant Record

Stories finished
2214 Added Edit to story source note
2209 Fixed issues found by sobug
2210 Handled security issues from Forum
2211 Added build creation when resolving bugs
2212 Adjusted the width of the widget of Plan related stories
2213 Added Un/Fold Tree diagram

Bugs fixed
1007  Category is not shown when searching docs
1006  Story linked product does not show updated information

1005  Tree diagram is not displayed in Project->Task
998   Error when click Admin->Custom
997   Date error in Burndown Chart
996   Flow Chart on Dashboard is not displayed.


source code package

1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zip/download
2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zip

One-click package for integrated runtime ( I t is ONLY for first time installation. Do Not download it for up grading)
Windows one-click installation

1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.exe/download

2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.exe

Linux 64 bit one-click installation
1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zbox_64.tar.gz/download
2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zbox_64.tar.gz

Linux 32 bit one-click installation

1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zbox_32.tar.gz/download
2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS.9.0.1.zbox_32.tar.gz
Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.

DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian

1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS_9.0.1_1_all.deb/download

2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/ZenTaoPMS_9.0.1_1_all.deb

RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos
1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/9.0.1/zentaopms-9.0.1-1.noarch.rpm/download
2: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/9.0.1/zentaopms-9.0.1-1.noarch.rpm

Install an d Upgrade Document

installation reference: //www.zentao.net/book/zentaopmshelp/40.html

upgrade reference: //www.zentao.net/book/zentaopmshelp/41.html

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