ZenTao Enterprise 3.1 is released!

2019-01-30 17:11:00

ZenTao Enterprise 3.1 has been released! This release is mainly to integrate ZenTao Client in ZenTao Enterprise. With ZenTao Client integrated, you can communicate with team members, to start a group conversation, to transfer files, to assign tasks, and to manage projects. It would smooth your team collaboration.

ZenTao Client is powered by Xuanxuan. Xuanxuan is a free, open source, and secure Instant Messenger by Nature Easy Soft. It is self-hosted and cross-platform with various plug-ins and rich features. Click HERE to know more about it.

ZenTao Client

Windows64 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentaoclient/2.4.0/zentaoclient.win64.zip

Windows32 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentaoclient/2.4.0/zentaoclient.win32.zip

Linux64 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentaoclient/2.4.0/zentaoclient.linux64.zip

Linux32bit: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentaoclient/2.4.0/zentaoclient.linux32.zip

MacOS: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentaoclient/2.4.0/zentaoclient.mac.zip

ZenTao Client Server

Windows64bit: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/xuanxuan/2.4.0/xxd.2.4.0.win64.zip

Windows32 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/xuanxuan/2.4.0/xxd.2.4.0.win32.zip

Linux64 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/xuanxuan/2.4.0/xxd.2.4.0.linux.x64.tar.gz

Linux32 bithttp://dl.cnezsoft.com/xuanxuan/2.4.0/xxd.2.4.0.linux.ia32.tar.gz

MacOS: http://dl.cnezsoft.com/xuanxuan/2.4.0/xxd.2.4.0.mac.tar.gz

ZenTao Enterprise Features

  • Integrated with ZenTao open source ZenTao 11.2. Click to see ZenTao ZenTao 11.2 Change Log .
  • Integrated with ZenTao Pro 8.1. Click to see ZenTao Pro 8.1 Change Log .


One-Click Package( Packages for Linux have to be unzipped to /opt )

    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)


    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation


    • Linux 32 bit one-click installation


PHP package

If you have any questions or would like to get a free trial for more than three users, contact Philip@cnezsoft. com for help.

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