ZenTao Gains Recognition in the Project Management Software Category by CompareCamp

2019-04-04 10:11:00

Our IT company is in the business since 2010, and we continue to strive in delivering success backed with our core values. We are excited to share that ZenTao is recognized to provide an agile open-source project management solution to many businesses. The experts from CompareCamp, a reliable SaaS platform that conducts reviews, took a comprehensive look at our software’s features, functionalities, and overall value it offers to companies to improve their project management.

One of its two awards is Great User Experience. Based on CompareCamp’s ZenTao review, our product empowers users to gain full control and customization over their software project development. Furthermore, they appreciate how the software provides “more visibility in each project stage” as well as adapts to various productive methodologies such as Agile Scrum and Kanban.

Our growing product is supported by more and more users which granted it the Rising Star award, the second recognition garnered to us by CompareCamp. The rising number of users equal to the growing trust that more users are dedicating to our product. With that, we are honored to receive this support and recognition.

Check out the ZenTao review prepared by the SaaS experts of CompareCamp to know more about our product. If you’re not yet using ZenTao , we hope this recognition can help us gain your trust in trying out our software to see how it can improve your project management processes.

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