ZenTaoATF 2.0 is released

2019-11-01 16:40:00
Renee Teng
Résumé:ZenTao Automated Testing Framework aims to discover, execute, compare, and results of test scripts during automated testing. It has only one executable file, which can support automated test scripts written in various scripting languages, with simple syntax and flexible use. And it has been deeply integrated with ZenTao, which links test cases and scripts in ZenTao, and can submit the execution results to ZenTao. If the execution of the automated test script fails, you can also directly create bugs for it.

Since the release of ZenTao ATF 1.2 on May 27, 2013, the development of this project was suspended, because the concept of automated testing was not well known in China at the time. As the concept of continuous integration and continuous delivery are known to more and more teams in China, the importance of automated testing is widely accepted by more and more teams. Meanwhile, a senior automation test expert was invited to restart the development of this automated test framework with our team.

For the last two months, our team completely restructured ZenTaoATF with a lot of discussions, quarrels, and development. This refactoring focused on the development language, the organization of use case scripts, and the integration of ZenTao. We refactored the ATF using the GO language, which truly enables a an executable file that is platform-free and deployment-free dependencies. The syntax of the test script is also restructured, which can support multiple use cases in one script and greatly simplifies the maintenance cost of automated test scripts. It is also deeply integrated with ZenTao ALM, which can bind the use cases in ZenTao with the automated test scripts and submit the execution results of execution to ZenTao as test results. Failed scripts can also be reported as bugs in ZenTao.

Compared with other automated test frameworks based on recorded return visits, ZenTaoATF is a solution that is independent of the development language and implementation mode. Users can also implement automated test scripts using the methods they have been using, and the organization, execution, comparison of results, and docking of the test management system are all done by ZenTaoATF.  

ZenTaoATF Official Website



  1. Use Go Lang to reconstruct the framework and support cross-platform;
  2. Integrate with ZenTao ALM;
  3. Redefine the syntax and suppport multiple cases and groups in one script;
  4. Support more languages.





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