Agile Project & Test Management Tool – ZenTao

2019-10-21 10:09:00
Suyash Sharma

Agile is the buzz we hear all around. It is a new proven way to manage your project and related activities. Sounds interesting is it?. Agile introduced enormous possibilities and new improved way of project/product deliveries.What makes it more efficient and prominent is implementation using Agile Management Tools. We are familiar with agile project management tool like JIRA and most probably using it in many organizations. When it comes to Test Management JIRA is somewhere not efficiently handling it without paid plugins.

I researched few tools to get solution for problem related to test management in agile. In my research i have found very promising tool ZENTAO ( Zen-t-o) which can handle both agile project management as well as Test Management activities complete delivery cycles. I am presenting video series based on my personal research and usage of Zentao both in Agile Project Management and Test Management. Most amazing part of this tool is we can configure this tool for any of following mode.

  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Test Management (only)
  • Agile Project Management with Test Management
  • Product Management with Test Management

This tool is available in both Open-source and Licensed versions. Based on organizational / project needs one can opt for any of its versions.

Zentao Link:

Please see my video post on Test management using Zentao.

1) Overview & Walk Through – Zentao

2) To be continued...

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