Apply ZenTao in Samwell PSA RCE Project

2017-12-18 11:10:00

Case Study: Apply ZenTao in Samwell PSA RCE Project



Samwell use ZenTao open source and our team developed Module CSR to customize ZenTao.

About Samewell

SAMWELL is the high-tech enterprise committing to domestic auto electronics design and development. It’s R&D strengths reflected in the car audio, integrated information display, navigation entertainment, dashboard, body control module (BCM) and CAN, and other automotive electronic products and services for OEMs,. It is Tier I suppliers, providing a series of overall solutions, including software, hardware, manufacture and testing.

Currently, the automobile manufacturers that adopt SAMWELL’s navigation and entertainment systems, dashboard, body control module (BCM), integrated information display systems and other products are as follows: Dongfeng Nissan, VW-FAW, VW-ShangHai, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, Changan Peugeot Citroen, CHANA SUZUKI ect. joint-venture brands, also including mainstream domestic independent brands, like CHERY, GEELY, BAW, Huachen Auto, DFM and so on. SAMWELL is the best choice of auto electronics produced in China.

Project RCE

RCE European project has passed the evaluation of stage B2.1 by PSA experts on February 23, 2017, which means the development and management in Samwell have been approved by top international manufacturers.

ZenTao has played an important part in the evaluation of PSA RCE, and got Green, the best result in management tool.

Apply ZenTao in PSA RCE

Project Name : PSA RCE

CMMI3-V is applied in Samwell. In order to better integrate with workflow in Samwell, ZenTao team customized ZenTao.

  • Confirm stories and manage them

Responsible: Engineers from System Dept

ZenTao was introduced after the project started. First, put the original document of CSR (customer stories) in the document library of ZenTao, and it is very convenient to do build management in the document library. Every time when a document is changed, ZenTao will prompt that the CSR (customer stories) linked document has been changed.

Because most of the stories have been confirmed and discussed, so the customer stories were imported to customized CSR (customer requirements) module in ZenTao to be managed and linked to SRS (internal stories), and ultimately control the development of CSR (customer stories).

Qgate document is required for this project and generated from source CSR, which shows the development and QA progress of all CSR (customer stories).

For now, the feature of Report does meet the requirements.

  • Assign tasks

Responsible: software leader

When assigning tasks, decompose SRS (internal stories) directly to tasks, because CSR (customer stories) has been discussed, refined and integrated. Daily routine tasks such as meetings will also be recorded in ZenTao.

Record tasks in the ZenTao to track the overall progress of the project and the developers’ workload, so the possible problems can be found asap and the delay of the project can be avoided.

  • Coding and implementing tasks

Responsible: task assignees

The engineers "Open" their tasks every morning, click“Finish” after the task is completed, and record the hours and other information before off-duty every day.

The software leader get to know the status of tasks done by the engineers, and understand the schedule and delay of the task and the cause of the problem in time.

The face-to-face communication is still very important.

  • Detailed design

Responsible: software developers

According to the situation, software engineers write detailed design documents and add them as tasks to manage, which will be supervised by software leader. Documents will be unified in SVN to manage and update regularly.

  • QA and test case

Responsible: QA engineers

Import use case document to ZenTao, and link them with SRS (internal stories). Package it as a build every Friday and execute the use case in the build submitted. Get feedback from the execution result whether the requirement has been accepted .


ZenTao: Thank you very much for sharing ZenTao implementation in details. Can you tell me any inconveniences you have using ZenTao, or any improvement can be done in ZenTao?

Samwell:I hope more simple features can be added to ZenTao, such as exporting Gantt chart.

ZenTao: Thanks for your feedback. Gantt chart can't be exported from ZenTao right now. ZenTao will be improved step by step so to provide more simple and convenient features.

Samwell: Can you also add the impact of bug. After resolving the bug, the code has been changed, and the detailed design documents are likely to be modified too. We hope this could be recorded.

ZenTao: You can record it in Note, and you can also integrate SVN. Please refer to // After the integration, the revised code will be seen in the History.

Samwell: How about adding filters to Zero Case Story , as well as to Task?

ZenTao: Add filters to use cases has been recorded as a story. Currently Task and shortcut menu have combinatorial search.

Samwell: When exporting files, such as bug list, can pica ture be exported as well?

ZenTao: It is not supported in ZenTao, because the size of pictures and files is always not the same. You can ZenTao Pro and export files in MHT format so to export pictures.

Samwell: Open Word/Excel file in ZenTao to read and read directly. Can this be done?

ZenTao: It is in our plan and will be charged.

Samwell: Many of features in our projects are similar and can be reused. For those projects, CSR, SRS, cases and so on can be moved to new products/projects in ZenTao with links among them remained. If this can be done, it will greatly reduce the prophase work (data input), then what need to do is just to arrange Review, Assign, Man-Hour and other related work and match it to new projects.

ZenTao: This has been added as a story and added as Public CaseLib in ZenTao 9.1.

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