Back up MySQL in ZenTao

2019-01-09 10:59:00

This instruction of data backup in ZenTao applies to server change from Windows to Linux.

Download a one-click installation package for Linux, and unzip it to /opt.

cd /opt wget
tar zxvf ./

Visit the directory and start ZenTao .

cd ./zbox ./zbox start

But! You will find nothing in the database. Don't panic. According to the official manual, you can back up your ZenTao MySQL and restore it in your new database.

Run the script to back up.

I:\xampp\zentao\bin>i:\xampp\php\php.exe I:\xampp\zentao\bin\php\backup.php

You will get two .zip file. One is for MySQL, the other is all the files uploaded. Store the two files in /opt/zbox/app/zentao/www/data/upload/1 and keep the original directory.

Pass MySQL script to the root directory of Linux and run the command below.


Import .sql file in MySQL command line.

use zentao;
source db.20160529.sql;

Done! Now you can visit ZenTao using the IP address you used before. For more about data backup in ZenTao, click HERE.

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