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2018-09-11 15:50:00

VersionOne recently released the 12th Annual State of Agile Survey. It has an overview of agile adoption and experience in companies, benefits of agile, agile methods and practices, agile success and metrics, scaling agile, agile project management tools, and DevOps initiatives.

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Among all the findings, the statistics on DevOps initiatives are quite interesting. 71% of the respondents stated that they currently have a DevOps initiative in their organization or are planning one in the next 12 months. Respondents said that they would find it valuable or very valuable to experience improvements in the following capabilities in their DevOps practices.

  • 84%: Ability to measure cycle time, wait time, bottlenecks of business value flowing through the delivery cycle.

  • 83%: End-to-end traceability from business initiative through development, test, and deployment.

  • 82%: Identification and measurement of technical risk prior to deployment.

  • 69%: Automated audit compliance and government reporting across all control points.

image source: the 12th Annual State of Agile Survey

As the importance of DevOps management is getting more attention, choosing a DevOps management tool is the right thing to do next.

What a DevOps Management Tool Can Do

DevOps helps to prepare for the digital transformation. Both DevOps and agile methods speed up the delivery of products to market, alter the company culture, and enable continuous delivery. DevOps teams, although bringing the speed and agility, also have the impact on the applications that they might be poorly architected, which would lead to excessive technical debt from one sprint to another. That's why it is important to use the best DevOps tools.

While enabling faster delivery, DevOps also challenges how organizations communicate and operate. Using the DevOps method will have an influence on code management, configuration management, and processes.1

Top 5 DevOps Management Tools

Bamboo from Atlassian

Bamboo has tie automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow with one of the top tools for continuous integration, deployment, and delivery for professional teams. Features and benefits to rank Bamboo high on the DevOps tools list include the integrates with other Atlassian tools and great notification scheme.


Jenkins is the leading open source automation server. It is a DevOps tool for monitoring executions of repeated jobs. This extensible automation engine enables DevOps teams to integrate project changes more easily and access outputs for quickly identifying problems.


Nagios is a veteran monitoring solution that is highly effective because of the large community of contributors who create plugins for the tool. Nagios does not include all the abilities that we had wanted around the automatic discovery of new instances and services, so we had to work around these issues with the community’s plugins.

The only con of Nagios is that it is not affordable to startups, as its pricing is expensive. But, hey, you got what you paid for, right?


ZenTao open source and ZenTao Pro are solutions for software development management and application lifecycle management( ALM). DevOps management module is to manage hosts and servers, including physical network, software and hardware, and business systems which provide services.

Unlike Bamboo, ZenTao is a one-in-all solution, so you don't have to buy and install plug-ins separately.


Chef is a DevOps tool for achieving speed, scale, and consistency. Chef turns infrastructure into the code so that users easily and quickly can adapt to changing business needs.

It has a free trial and for Chef basics and it is free.

In general, ZenTao has comparatively strong features not just as a DevOps management tool, but also as a Scrum tool for developers. Visit ZenTao officia l site and get a free trial for up to 6 months now.


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