Export stories in ZenTao

2018-07-26 15:47:00

The methodical approach for writing the requirements in application development is to write a detailed Product Requirements Document ( PRD). However, more and more organizations are using Agile methodologies, and product owners find themselves writing User Stories. Usually, the format of a user story is,

As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason >. 1

It is definitely shorter and more concise than a PRD can tell the engineers what the user wants to do. Usually, a PO will enter all the stories into an Agile tool, and the whole team will do break down stories into small tasks and form a Sprint, and the Dev team will finish the tasks within a time frame.

Sometimes the user stories from the client can be many, it could be tedious and a waste of time to convert all of them to a PRD. ZenTao has a feature that enables exporting stories into a file. Let's see how to do it.

Go to Product->Story, and you will see the story list. Click Export->Export Data on the third-level menu.

You can choose the format of the data and the fields that you want to export in Settings.

Besides, you can also save your settings as a template to use later.

ZenTao has a robust import/export feature. You can import/export bugs, cases, etc. ZenTao is an application lifecycle management system and open source Scrum tool. Go to ZenTao official website and know MORE.





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