ZenTao 10.5.stable is released!

2018-10-29 13:39:00

ZenTao 10.5.stable is released! This release is to adjust the logic of child task, to optimize the interface, and to fix bugs.

Installation and Upgrade Manual

Change Log


3389    Set colors for viewed documents.

3373    Add Doc Lib field on the page of Add Doc.

3370    Fold Quick Entry to Doc Lib to the upper right of the secondary navbar.

3369    Set fixed height for Doc Lib navbar on the left column of the page.

3368    Add Conditions to the bottom of Doc Lib navbar on the left column of the page.

3366    If a product has only one main lib, ignore the knot of the navbar on the left column of the page, and display Project Lib, File Lib and the rest in the same column.

3365    Adjust the layout of the left column of Doc Lib.

3335    Add the judgment of browser fingerprints.

3316    Enlarge the font size of username at the upper right of the page.

3315    Adjust the font size of first and secondary navbars.

3314    Timeline on the right of Calendar is 8 like always.

3313    Change the font size of title in the Burndown Chart to 16px.

3312    Remove the background color of Actions in Other Themes.

3311     Change the radius of the pop-out window to right-angled ones.

3310    Display moving icons when ordering the blocks.

3290    Reset Search in Doc module to the older version.

3289    Time in Doc list is not 24-hour.

3229    Change the right column of Doc Lib page to category settings.

3100    Display the path of category for tree diagram of Doc lib Page.

2924    QA->Case. Add the same feature to case confirmation page when importing cases from Case Lib.

2909    Change the VC check to version judgment.

2871     QA->Bug Report. Order builds chronically in Line Chart.

2868    Display the hierarchy of blocks the exported data belong to.

2865    Project->Story->Link Story. Add paging feature.

2859    Count forbidden extensions in when judging it is the first time to install the extension.

2833    Check the display of multi-user tasks and child tasks.

2832    Check the logic of child tasks in each view.

2594    Add the Search to multi-user tasks.

2588    Add a control when adding a Webhook.

2587    Remove All Production option in Search when linking a case for test sheets.

2583    Remove Pinyi Search in ZenTao Int'l version.

2576    Provide Docker installation package.


2007    Long company name is overlapped with Language options on User Login page.

2023    File name is long. Edit it and the name is not consistent with what is in the History.

2025    Source code installation using Int'l package. English as the Browser language, but Chinses will show.

2033    Add User page. Save and Return buttons are misplaced.

2037    The jumpto should be English in Admin Home.

2039    Save search conditions to Menu. Hide/Show is invalid in custom navbar.

2040    Story details page. Optimize actions to projects.

2049    Report->Staff Workload Report. Add a title to projects with long names.

2062    Click Private Todo and it will show its name in the browser tags.

2079    Change Chinese in int'l version to English.

2082    Drag in Rich Text Editor has bugs.

2084    After managing the modules, the order changes.

2091    Fields overlap in Story List.

2132    Return button on Manage Project page is invalid.

2141    @ feature in Ding Webhook is invalid.

2145    Multi-branch product. Choose Build for bug resolution. Other builds can be selected.

2147    Mysql8 installation prompts MySQL has gone away.

2159    Enter more spaces in case steps but only one is saved.

2162    Time is not 24-hour on doc list page.

2164    Add tips for bug type and title.

2173    Story Change status should be the same as in the menu.

2174    Closed story can be linked when adding a case.

2176    checktable.php is not jumped to.

2179    Error prompts after assigning a task.

2180    After editing a case, its priority will change.

2182    Product summary report shows the limited products.

2183    Click Overview of a Test Sheet. Then click Build and Link Story, the window jitters.

2188    Issues in creating projects for Plans.

2190    Optimize tabs on Create Build page.

2192    Project->Story. Search and error shows.

2193    Batch Create Story. Enter key "↓" error.

2196    Choose Custom as Todo Type and its name can't be entered.

2197    IE9 browser prompts connection timed out when reporting a bug.

2199    Batch Create Task. Over 10 entries have not data and time drop-down.

2201    ZenTao Cloud.Batch Breakdown Task. If task names are the same, error prompts show.

2203    Todo type can't be selected when creating recurred todos.

2204    Product->Sprint.Spring shows as Project in Product Home.

2210    Project Overview. Nothing is displayed in Doc Lib list for non-super admin accounts.

2211    Closed Todos display in the Unfinished menu.

2212    Project story list. Story with long names overlap.

2213    The content of git view and git diff is not displayed.

2215    Add APP. Add tips for Add Field.

2217    Edit Child module of a project. Return button is invalid.

2218    Optimize tips for Estimate when adding a task.

2220    Error in Case Coverage Rate of Story List.

2222    Deleted projects are displayed on My Dashboard.

2223    Select Project and click enter. Error prompts.

2226    Click the link of a file and it goes to the other file.

2241    Story reviewer is not displayed in the story list.

2243    Story list page. The left column is hidden if there is no story.


Source Code Package


One-Click Package with Integrated Runtime

It is for first-time installation ONLY. Do NOT download it to upgrade ZenTao.

    • Windows 64 bit one-click installation



    • Windows 32 bit one-click installation



    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)



    • Linux 64 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.



    • Linux 32 bit one-click installation Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.



    • DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian



    • RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos



If you have any questions, leave us a post at the forum. If you would like to get a free trial for more users, contact Renee@cnezsoft. com for help.

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