Manage a Plan

2019-03-20 11:14:19
Final Edition:tengfei De 2019-09-11 16:24:30

After a project is created, you can add a development plan to schedule the work.

1. Create a Plan

Click Create Plan, and you will open a page to create it.


Enter all the required information, and click Save.


Then you can see the plan in a block of the project.


Click the title of the plan, and you can enter the page of the plan. Click Open to create a site for a supplier.

2. Notes for the Plan Information

2.1 The numbers of stories, tasks, estimates, cost hours and left hours are the sumup of all the correspondents related to the plan from all sites.

2.2 A project can be linked to several plans.

2.3 It is recommended to set the start and end dates within the timeframe of the project. Currently, there is not time limit to it.

2.4 For one plan of fa project, you can choose only one supplier and open only one site for it. In ZenTao, one supplier is for one site.


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