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1.  ZenTao Group Introduction

ZenTao Group is consisted of Platform (plat) and Node (site). ZenTao Group users  can open a site for its branch, department, outsourcing team to use  ZenTao Enterprise to management projects. 

Platform is to summarize all the information regarding to Project, Supplier, and Node. Node is a ZenTao Enterprise site. Each node synchronizes with the information on the Platform, including projects, and plans, and it tracks the progress of projects.  For each node, the data is separated and do not interfere in or get interfered by other node. 

2. What is ZenTao Group for?

ZenTao open source/Pro/Enterprise is for users with different requirements, but it is just one system for one organization. Feedback from our users show that their companies have many suppliers, and it is too complicated for such organizations to manage all ongoing projects in one system. Therefore, ZenTao Group is developed to manage projects with multiple suppliers.

You can understand ZenTao Group features as either the Client (Party A) or the Supplier (Party B). The design philosophy of ZenTao Group is shown below.

2.1 Platform for the Client

Platform users create and manage all users and departments on the platform.

Platform users create and manage Suppliers  (Party B as usually defined in a contract).

Platform users create and manage development plans and select suppliers for the plans. They also create a site and set the administrator for the site.

Platform users view and check the progress of plans and projects, and they can also log in the site to check it.

2.2 Site for the Supplier

Site users manage developers and track the updates of stories, tasks, bugs of projects and plans.

3. ZenTao Group Positioning

ZenTao Group is the right solution for you, if 

  • your project requires several departments to cooperate;
  • your project requires several branches of your enterprise to cooperate; or
  • your project is outsourced to a third-party supplier to finish.

ZenTao Group is consisted of the Platform and the Sites which can link the company with departments, branches, and suppliers with one-to-multiple relationship.

Party A usually get to know the progress of the projects which are done by Party B through reading documents written by Party B. It is too simple and too abstract for Party A to understand the progress of projects and to find the potential risks due to too little information about it. Consequently, Party A cannot oversee the project nor adjust it  on time. This is especially worse when it comes to a project with a long term and consumes tremendous human and financial resources. If the progress of the project and the actual situation are not well understood, it might affect the strategy deployment.

Now you have ZenTao Group to assist you in overseeing all your projects.

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