Import/Export MS Excel Files

2016-06-17 10:22:47
Final Edition:tengfei De 2019-07-04 11:10:17

ZenTao Pro can export files in .xls format via the phpexcel class library. Compared with the .csv format, the .xls provides better control of format and style.

Now batch import/export stories, tasks, bugs, and cases are supported in ZenTao Pro.

1. Select Excel format

Click Import/Export on the page of stories/tasks/bugs/cases you want to import/export.


2. Export Excel files

Click Export->Export Data and choose format.

Files exported has been optimized.

3. Example: Import files

1) Take importing cases as an example.

2) There are two sources of data that can be imported,

   - If you want to change data in the exported Excel file, modify cases in the existing file, or add new data to the existing file as shown below.


   --Add data to the template.

3) Steps to import

   -- Click “import Excel”.


  -- Select the excel file you want to import.


 -- Confirm the Imported data

  -- Click "Save" to complete importing the cases.

This feature can be purchased separately as an extension and installed in the open source version.
Contact us to buy this extension at [email protected]
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