Gantt Chart

2016-06-17 10:22:47
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Gantt chart is one of robust features in ZenTao. It offers an intuitive view of the progress of the project.

1. Set start and end dates

When you create a task, set the start and end date for the task shown below.

Note : 

How the start and the end date in a Gantt Chart are calculated?

Start: Take the actual start date as the Start time. If the actual start is not available, take the Start time of the Plan. If the Start of the Plan is not available, take the Start time of the Project.

End : Take the actual end date as the End time. If the actual end is not available, take the End time of the Plan. If the End of the Plan  is not available, take the End time of the Project.

2. Manage task dependencies

The four types of task dependencies are presented in ZenTao. Specific definitions of task dependencies can refer to the definition of Microsoft project here

3.View Gantt chart

Gantt chart can be viewed by tags such as Task Type, Module, AssignTo, and Story. It can also be displayed by days, weeks, months, or quarters.

This feature can be purchased as extension separately and installed in open source version.
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