Why ZenTao Pro

2016-06-17 09:16:35
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1. ZenTao is a professional project management software with powerful features

  •  Professional --Tailored to software development projects, ZenTao is a professional R & D project management tools. ZenTao is not applicable to engineering, hardware projects, etc.
  • Comprehensive -- ZenTao covers the lifecycle of the application development with powerful features. ZenTao Pro integrates Gantt chart, SVN, Kanban, work logs, reports and a variety of practical development and management tools that can strongly support the project.
  • Efficient -- Based on the perspective of Dev team and the design of Scrum, you can do multiple sprints and fast delivery.

2. ZenTao Pro is a reliable management tool

  • Free trial, and free support.
  • One-time payment, and free upgrade for ZenTao lifetime.
  • Professional customer service and FAST response.
  • Stable and reliable performance to support a large scale of users.

3. ZenTao is a convenient management tool

  • One-click installation, and compatible with Linux/Windows.
  • B/S framework and easy to use in browsers.
  • Open source underlying framework and API, and easy to extend.
  • More than 70 updates, the user experience is constantly optimized.

4. Our users

Now there are ten thousands of ZenTao users from various industries, such as Skyworth Group Research and development headquarters Software Institute, Anhui Mobile, Shanghai Sunivo Supply chain, Shenzhen Urban Planning and Real Estate Information Center, Xi'an Thermal Power Plant, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Bank, Fudan University and other business entities.

If you want to try ZenTao Pro,  click HERE to download it.

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