Users and Privileges

2018-02-23 10:25:25
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ZenTao Enterprise is developed based on ZenTao Pro and added Operations Management (OPS), Office Automation (OA), Feedback Management, and enhanced Document Management (Doc). You can view files online and compare files.

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For general features of ZenTao, you can refer to

Now let's talk about how to add users and manage privileges in ZenTao Enterprise.

1. ZenTao Enterprise interfaces

ZenTao Enterprise has two interfaces. One is for developers and the other for Feedback users(non-developer users). When logging in ZenTao Enterprise, you can choose either the interface for developers or for Feedback users.

Interface for developers

Interface for Feedback users.

2. Add a user and privileges

When adding a user, you can choose from developer/ Feedback users. Check Feedback(Non-developer) Interface, and the user will see the interface for Feedback users after they log in. The default setting of Feedback users is about what they can read and write in Feedback module.

You can edit the privileges of the user by going to Company->Privilege.

After you add the user, you will see the page below.

For  Feedback users, users who can only view and edit in Feedback module, ZenTao administrator can view and edit their privileges by going to Company->Privilege on the Feedback interface.

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