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Lieu management in ZenTao is to related to Overtime Management. If you worked overtime, you could apply to take the extra hours off another time.

1. My Lieu

Go to OA->Lieu and click the Apply button at the upper right of the page. Choose the begin and end time, and the record of the overtime that you want to take off.

Note: The prerequisite to apply for a lieu is that you have worked overtime and that application has been passed by the reviewer.


You can see the lieu application in the list of My Lieu, and the status is Wait for the reviewer to pass or reject. You can edit, delete or cancel the lieu in the list.


2. My Review

Dept Manager can Pass or Reject the applications within the department on the page of My Review.


3. All

You can see all the records of the lieu, if you have the privilege.


4. Set a Reviewer

Go to OA->Lieu->Settings, and you can set the reviewer.


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