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1. Shared  Information

Once you integrate ZenTao desktop with ZenTao,


· the username and password are shared;

· ZenTao page can be viewed in ZenTao desktop;

· actions in ZenTao can be sent as notifications via ZenTao desktop;

· messages in ZenTao desktop can be added as Bug/Story/Task/Doc/Todo by right-clicking;

· detail page of a Bug/Story/Task/Doc/Todo is displayed in Card in ZenTao client and actions are provided.



2. User Guide

2.1 Username and password

ZenTao desktop can be logged in using ZenTao username and password. After the server for ZenTao desktop is set, you can go to company->User and add users.


2.2 Open ZenTao pages in ZenTao desktop

A ZenTao icon has been added to the left navigation on the client interface. Click it and you can enter ZenTao.

2.3 ZenTao desktop notification settings

Log in as an Administrator, go to Admin-> Message->Setting-> desktop to set up. Check all the Actions that you want to get notification of, and it is done.

For example, the task assignee will receive a notification in desktop, when a task is assigned to him. 

Click View Detail and the assignee can view the details of the task in ZenTao.

2.4 Right-click a message to create a task/bug/story/document/todo in ZenTao

For example, right-click a message in the conversation to create a todo.

The user will be directed to the page to create a todo and the content of the message will be auto-filled.

Note: The user has to have the privilege to do so. If not, the user cannot create anything by right-clicking the message.

Then you will see the todo created in ZenTao.

2.5 Create a group conversation

Click the + button to start a group conversation.

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