Integration and Configuration

2019-01-30 09:23:56
Final Edition:tengfei De 2019-07-15 14:07:39

1.  Set up the server-side for ZenTao Desktop

Log in ZenTao as the super admin, you will be reminded to do the setup for ZenTao desktop. Go to Admin->Integration-> desktop to set it up.

2. Server settings

Click Change Setting to configure the server for ZenTao Desktop.

Then you will see the page below for you to set up the server.

· ZenTao Desktop is set ON as default.

· Secret key is 32-bit randomly generated and should be the same as the server.

· 20M is the file size by default and can be changed.

· HTTPS is OFF by default. Switch it ON, you have to copy the certificate and key to the box.

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